The Blueprint for Generating More Leads

Proven strategies to generate more leads for your business – part 1

How to Boost Your Google rankings, Build Authority, and Attract More Customers

With the boom in the real estate market, we’re also seeing a boom in demand for trades and home service businesses.

But is this boom resulting in the big, high-paying jobs for you or are you still stuck with small and inconsistent projects?

When you get frustrated with the smaller jobs that aren’t paying you what you’re worth it’s tempting to get on social media to find better leads.

But, even if you knew what to share, is spending all day posting (and replying to posts) on social media really the best use of your time?

So, here’s a quick tip to get more qualified leads without wasting any of your time on social media even if you don’t have a budget for running paid ads.

What happens when people search for businesses like yours on Google?

Are the results representing your expertise and authority or do you find yourself low on the search results of local businesses with few if any Google reviews?

By building your authority with your Google Business Profile you’ll be showing up when and where your clients are looking for you and you’ll be outperforming your competitors even if they’ve been around longer than you.

When you search Google for a local business do you call the business with a 2-star rating or the business that hasn’t gotten a new review in over a year?

Or, do you call the business with a bunch of recent 4 and 5-star reviews?

I think we both know the answer… and so does Google.

Google wants to connect people with businesses that they believe will give them the best experience.

We want to position you as that business.

We’ve developed a system that increases both the quantity and the quality of your Google reviews.

We’ll set up and monitor the entire system for you essentially acting as your online PR firm.

By boosting your authority on Google you’ll see more traffic, build social proof, and attract more qualified leads – without spending any money on ads and without wasting any of your time on social media.

If this sounds good, visit my calendar so I can set up a demo for you so you can see exactly how this will work for your business.

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