The Blueprint for Generating More Leads

Proven strategies to generate more leads for your business – part 2

The Opportunities Most Businesses Overlook

If you’re relying on Google for all of your online leads you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

A lot of business owners focus all of their marketing efforts on Google because Google is the biggest and most popular search engine and business directory in the world.

As we talked about yesterday, we focus on Google too.

But there are a variety of other places to get leads other than through Google where the leads are often more qualified and easier to convert.

Even better, there’s a lot less competition because most businesses overlook these opportunities.

How else do people find businesses like yours, other than Google or Facebook?

The most qualified leads come through referrals. So, we will develop a referral network for you that pulls in referrals from a variety of sources.

For example, we turn your current customers into an army of advocates by making it easy for them to refer people to you and get rewarded for their referrals. We also get you connected with other complementary businesses in your area that would love to do some cross-promotion with your business.

A robust referral network is an often overlooked but powerful lead generation engine for your business. Hubspot reports that 86% of companies with robust referral strategies see significant revenue growth over two years.

Let’s get your referral network established so you’re not only pulling leads from Google but you’re also tapping into customer and business referral programs that your competitors aren’t even thinking about.

Now, you’ll have multiple lead generation engines all running at the same time pumping new customers into your business.

If this sounds good, visit my calendar so I can set up a demo for you so you can see exactly how this will work for your business.

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