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Frequently Asked Questions.

Isn't running ads more effective than online marketing?
Online ads do work, but only if they are highly targeted at your local market and if you have deep pockets to keep paying for and testing them.

Also, any search engine boost you might get from ads disappears as soon as you stop paying for them.

Why do I need online marketing when I get enough business from local word-of-mouth referrals?
If you want to attract more and higher-paying clients it’s unlikely that local referrals will achieve this on their own.

If you want your business to grow or if you don’t want to lose out to your competition with a strong online presence, then online marketing is the obvious answer.

I already have a website, so why would I need a new one?
If your website looks professionally designed and is gathering leads on a consistent business, then you may not need a new website.

However, if you don’t think your website adequately promotes your business, showcases the quality of your work, and encourages clients to contact you for a quote or to do business with you, then it is time for an upgrade.

Websites are expensive, so isn't building a website a waste of money if it doesn't grow my business?

An effective website is a must-have if you want your business to grow and match your competition.

There are ways of tracking leads and engagement that can demonstrate your return on investment.